Serenity Yoga



~~If you are new to yoga, we will provide an opportunity to learn practice sequences and relaxation skills.

Your first class is free!

Join us and make time for yourself and celebrate each and every day! Our Aromatherapy room is open everyday Mon.- Fri.,

so treat yourself to this wonderful experience with

Tammy Blakemore.

Our studio now offers massage therapy on Thursdays. Holly Fletcher has a wonderful massage technique that will leave you completely relaxed and restored.

Call us for more information:  903-521-5088

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~~Find greater health, peace and serenity with yoga.

Join us and practice in our beautiful studio. Our studio offers a relaxing environment to practice yoga in a country setting across from the Nature Preserve in Mineola. We offer you the opportunity to discover a better and healthier lifestyle through yoga.

Your instructors will provide various styles of yoga, which will help to improve your breathing and flexability, increase your strength and promote a sense of well being.

Hope to see you at the studio~


Vinyasa Flow  

Hatha Yoga